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<div class="news_item">#191<div class="news_title">TCL's Expect, Autoexpect

Posted by dandriff on Monday January 21, 2008@11:28AM

Expect has saved me many a headache. Coupled with Autoexpect it allows allows for the automatic creation of an expect script to do what you want. The entire process is very simple.

 autoexpect started, file is script.exp
 autoexpect done, file is script.exp

Now script.exp can be executed and it will do whatever you did for (DO STUFF YOU WANT TO AUTOMATE..). Pretty darn snazzy if you ask me (;

My only gripe is that the debian and 'buntu (have you ever tried to say ubuntu? keke..) do not include the autoexpect utility with the expect package! Why!?!? At any rate, I have made the autoexpect script available. To use it, simply do:

 sudo -s
 wget http://wi-fizzle.com/downloads/autoexpect
 chmod a+x autoexpect
 mv autoexpect /usr/bin/autoexpect

I love whoever wrote expect/autoexpect (in a platonic way, of course :p). Ah, it looks like Don Libes of NIST wrote it back in 1995. Thank you Don!